Monday, December 28, 2009

Welcome back!

So, how was everyone's Christmas? Anyone get any new music toys? Brag about your haul!


teodora said...

How about you? :)

I got an Akai LPK25 laptop keyboard that I can always have around me. It's a really nice toy, thicker than the Korg nanopad but easier to play and it doesn't break apart that soon (they say).. And it's cute :)

Anonymous said...

I got the new Yamaha Multi-pad 12. Spent the weekend making up pre-sets for various songs and sampling things from my old SPD-11 that I thought I might need.

So far I really like it.

Anonymous said...

I got the Pod X3 floor. It's so sweet. I actually feel compelled to touch my guitar again. There are some excellent emulations and some very nice effects including some mono pitch tracking synth sounds that are actually very usuable.

I also got 4GB of RAM for my MacPro. That the thing I really needed!!

-Tom N

Tom said...

Nice! No music toys for me (never ask for them because they're too easy for someone who doesn't know about them to screw up..haha), but I did get one of those nifty Flip video cameras which will be fun to have on tour. The picture quality is surprisingly good for something so inexpensive.

Gamma Goblin said...

I got myself a Tascam DP-004 4 track recorder, because it was cheap and handy. Wanted a break from software recording.

Steve said...

I gave myself an early Christmas present of converting one of my little used guitars into a MIDI guitar (by installing a Graptech Ghost Floyd Rose bridge).

My brother suprised me by getting me a subsonic filter board (from for my VG-99 which *dramatically* improves the Ghost systems interaction with the VG. I've been playing several hours a night since I've gotten both :)...If you happen to hear endless (bad) Andy Summers "Secret Journey" GR-300 type washes- that's me!