Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oberheim Matrix 12 on Ebay

In my post on expensive synths yesterday, reader Fractured suggested I add the mighty Oberheim Matrix-12 to the list. And wouldn't you know it, one just popped up on eBay!


fractured said...

Pretty sweet, eh Tom? Thanks for posting this. I'll dream a little more.

How do you like your Xpander? Have you ever used a Matrix 12? If so, Have you found them to be functionally identical?

Tom said...

I don't have my Xpander anymore. My wife lost her job last year and I had to sell it to make out tax payments. I do miss having it, but like I said in the other thread, I honestly only used it about twice on an actual song. The filters/envelopes aren't snappy at all and although it was fun to program, it just didn't make the kinds of sounds I needed...

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,

it's Tom here, the guy who bought your Xpander,... :-)

Just wanted to let you know I've really gotten hooked on this blog, been following it regularly ever since I met you.

Best wishes!