Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Ear-Training Plug-ins for Mac

Software newcomers Aricula have introduced a novel concept in the form of 7 Mac-only AU-format plug-ins aimed at helping aspiring mixers train their ears, recognize common audio problems, and hence improve their mixing skills.

The plug-ins alter whatever audio is on the track they are applied to, and users are quizzed on how the audio has been changed, or are asked to replicate randomly generated settings by ear. The various plug-ins cover topics such as EQing, stereo imaging, gain changes, time delays, etc. Best of all, the plug-ins are dirt cheap - just $1.99 a piece, or $8.99 for the entire bunch.

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Will C. said...

I heard about this a little while ago. I really hope they come out with Windows VST versions of the plugins, since this idea really interests me.