Thursday, June 21, 2012

Get Your Free Minimoog-V Original from Arturia (If you can...)

For today and today only, you can download a special version of Arturia's Minimoog-V for absolutely free.  In theory, at least.  As pretty much anyone could've predicted, Arturia's servers have been getting slammed, making it all but impossible to actually get it.  Here's hoping they decide to extend the download period a bit, but I'm not holding my breath. (And yes, I'm fully aware of the irony that my posting this will only make things worse.)


Adam Dubbleu said...

Hotlink for the Windows version. You'll have to get your own activation code though.

just b said...

yeah - it's a disingenuous publicity stunt that's pretty insulting to their actual customers.

the simple, obvious and polite way to do it would be to send people with arturia accounts auth. codes and let them download it 'whenever'.

if there were a bandwidth issue they could put up torrents, like FXPansion and Yellow Tools have done many times in the past.

just b said...

hah - just tried it again and went through like 4 different pages: one must "like" them on facebook, then farm out one's personal info to the 'sweepstakes' app, which then claims it will email you a download code some time in the next 2 days. =|

nice promo if it works out ... definitely could've been handled a lot better. why were they making us go through their overloaded nonfunctional website in the first place if all they wanted was facebook likes?