Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is This a Demo for a New Depeche Mode Track?

D16 Releases 64-bit Versions of Plug-ins

D16 Group has announced the release of 64-bit versions of their plug-ins. Here's what they have to say:

"Newest versions for SilverLine collection (currently 1.3.1), Drum
Machines (1.5.1) and Phoscyon (1.9.0) contain following changes:

- Native 32bit / 64bit versions are provided. For PC we have
separate VST 32bit and 64bit versions and for Mac we have
universal 32/64bit version.

- New preset browser with improved functionality.

- More flexible and easy-to-use options control configuration.

- Redesigned MidiCC control including improved Midi Learn mode
and assigns management.

- Fixed some major and minor bugs and compatibility issues.

The updates are available at User Area main page and they are exactly the same as the last published versions of Release Candidates, so please check out the version you have installed to be sure you're up to date - this concerns only users who tried Release Candidates versions.


Important note to Mac users: due to Apple's guidelines our new updates require MacOSX 10.6 or later. If you use OSX older than that we advice to stay with current versions or update your OS before installing our
new updates."

Double Album from Boards of Canada on the Way?

It's been six years since we last heard from Boards of Canada, but BBC6 music presenter (and voice of Darth Maul!) Peter Serafinowicz made a comment that a new album, possibly a double album, is on the way from the Scottish duo. There's been no indication from the band themselves yet, so take it with a grain of salt, but as a big BoC fan myself, I say, "about damn time!"

Have a Question for Vince Clarke or Martin Gore about VSMG?

Mute Records will be submitting user-generated questions to Vince Clarke and Martin Gore about their new VCMG project soon on Facebook. Submit your questions here before February 28.

Swar Systems Announces Swar Studio

Sure, you've got a DAW or two on your hard drive, but how many DAWs do you have specifically designed for creating Indian music? Swar Studio includes audio tracks for recording audio or using loops, as well as instrument tracks for any of its 36 different virtual instruments. Also supports VST and AU plug-ins. Swar Studio retails for $69. More info on the Swar Systems website.

Moog Satellite on eBay

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Cool Online Speech Synth

Ivona is a company specializing in text to speech solutions for app developers. They offer a number of different voices and nationalities in both male and female versions.

To demonstrate their rather impressive technology, their website offers a demo of the different voices. You type in any text you like up to 250 characters, select a voice, and press the "play" button to hear the results. Need some spoken word for your next album? Record your browser's audio with a program like Audio Hijack, and you're good to go. I would imagine there are probably restrictions on how audio can be used, so as always, proceed with caution. Be sure to try entering English text and selecting one of the foreign nationalities for interesting results. Of course, if you're like me, you can probably waste hours getting it to say terrible, terrible things.

Korg SQ-10 on eBay

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Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 on eBay

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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 on eBay

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Free Sample Friday: What The?

Another guest entry today from Adam who has sampled the famous "What The?" preset from the Roland Alpha Juno. This is the patch that would come to be known as the "hoover"and was on every rave record in existence for awhile. It was programmed by Eric Persing, who would later go on to start Spectrasonics.

Adam's samples actually come from a Roland HS-10 which was a consumer version of the Alpha Juno with built-in speakers. (CORRECTION: Although other synths in the HS series had built-in speakers, the HS-10 did not.) Sonically, it's identical to the Alpha Juno.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Roland SH-2 on eBay

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Rishabh Rajan Releases Free Dubstep Synth for Mac

Rishabh Rajan has announced the release of Brostep 1.0, a free softsynth for OS-X aimed at creating dubstep type bass sounds.

[via KVR-VST]

Cool Tutorial on Using the Arpeggiator in FM8

Check out this tutorial on using the arpeggiator to create a 303-like sequence in Native Instruments FM8 synth.

[via Dubspot]

Amazing "Speaking" Piano

This video is a couple years old, but I thought it was cool enough to re-share.

Moog Prodigy on eBay

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Cool Site to Spark Song Ideas

I'm in the process of finishing up the recording of the next Assemblage 23 album and part of that entails tightening up some themes and lyrics for the songs. We all wish we were an endless font of inspiration at all times, but the fact is, sometimes you just need that initial push to get an idea rolling.

RandomWordPlus, is a cool site that will generate random words or combinations of words with user controls for what type of word or phrase and how common its usage should be. Given that it's random, don't expect everything it fires out at you to be useful, but give it a few clicks, and you may find the theme for your next hit, or even a new band name.

The Source of the iPhone Unlock Sound

In film sound, one of the very important jobs in helping to create a convincing scene, is that of the Foley Artist. The Foley Artist is responsible for re-creating the sounds on screen in a manner that is appropriate for the scene. This idea has crossed over into the world of computer software and video games, where sounds are required for actions on the part of the user.

The 99% Invisible Podcast revealed the source of a sound many iPhone and iPad users are undoubtedly well-acquainted with, the "unlock" sound. Turns out, it was a simple vice grip opening. Check out the whole podcast for more interesting info on sound design...


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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great Article on Recording Acoustic Drums

Many of electronic musicians take it for granted how easy it is to plug a sampler or drum machine into our audio interface to record our drum parts. If you're strictly software-based, it's even easier. But what if you're confronted with recording an actual acoustic drum kit? It seems easier than it really is, as is usually apparent in any low-budget recording that uses real drums. It's insanely easy for a powerful, dynamic instrument like a drum kit to sound like a bunch of soggy cardboard boxes if you don't know what you're doing.

With that in mind, here is a helpful article via wikiaudio on various ways to mic and record a real drum set.

Was Stonehenge Inspired by Sound?

Stonehenge, a mysterious monument located in England estimated to have been built sometime between 3000 - 2000 BC, has puzzled scholars since its discovery. Many have speculated that the arrangement of the gigantic stones was inspired by the heavens and the alignment of the stars.

However, scholar Steven Waller has a different theory - that the arrangement was actually created to disperse sounds in a compelling way. Check out this interesting article via the BBC for more info.

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