Friday, December 28, 2012

Free Sample Friday: Microtonic Tape Drums

Today's free sample selection consists of synth drum sounds produced in Sonic Charge's Microtonic drum synth recorded to cassette on a cheap home stereo with hot levels to overdrive it, then edited and EQed in Apple Soundtrack.  40 sounds in all as 24-bit/44.1k WAV samples.  Enjoy! About 5.25 MB.


Techno Version of "Game of Thrones Theme"

My friend Seb (Icon of Coil/Komor Kommando, etc) just put this cool techno version of the "Game of Thrones" theme he did on SoundCloud... Enjoy!

Roland SVC-350 Vocoder on eBay

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Yamaha Tenori-on on eBay

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Song Recorded on International Space Station

No doubt, many of you have probably recorded in some pretty exotic locations in your time, but how many of us can brag that we recorded a song in space?  That's precisely what Col. Chris Hadfield did in the International Space Station.  He uploaded his song "Jewel in the Night" to SoundCloud the other day with only his guitar and the hum of the space station fans to accompany him.  How cool is that?


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Analog from Korg or Wishful Thinking?

 NAMM is coming up, so it's inevitable that leaks and rumors would start.  The first of those comes regarding two new products from Korg, the King Korg and the MINI MS-20.

The MINI MS-20 is rumored to be a new version of their analog classic, the MS-20 in a smaller chassis and with mini keys.  Yeah, the picture looks at first glance like the MS-20ic controller that came with the Korg Legacy collections, but some subtle details such as screw and LED locations appear to be different.  Will it be an actual analog beastie, or just a repackaged, self-contained version of the (admittedly excellent) Korg Legacy version?

The other rumor is about the King Korg, which some believe to be a 3-oscillator analog synth.  But is it real analog or just another virtual analog? Time will tell, but it seems that after the success of the Monotron series, this could be a conceivable direction Korg might take.  On the other hand, a higher price point would likely make these more niche products that would do smaller numbers than a company the size of Korg might bother with.  What do you think?

Yamaha DX5 on eBay

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Merry Christmas from Waveformless!

It's Christmas.  Get off line and go be with your family, ya jerk!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Free Bent/Modded Monotribe Samples from Liquid Sky Berlin

Liquid Sky Berlin are offering a sample-set called √úbertribe which consists of a bunch of 16-bit stereo WAVs of sounds created with a modded/circuit-bent Korg Monotribe.



Friday, December 21, 2012

Free Sample Friday: Monotron Duo

Today's free sample selection are a bunch of odd bleeps, bloops, and other noise created on my Korg Monotron Duo.  Feed them through massive reverb and delay for breakdown effects, map them into an IDM style drum kit, time stretch them into grinding industrial ambience... As always, I encourage you to use these as your starting point and mold them into something entirely different.  24 sounds as 24-bit/44.1k WAVs.  Enjoy!


Moog Modular on eBay

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

U-he Releases Free Podoski Synth

Although not technically new (Podolski was given to people who visited u-he at NAMM and was included on the cover disc of a German magazine),  odds are, iPodolski new to you.  The synth is basically a cut-down version of the FilterScape synth and features a single oscillator, one filter, one envelope, and two LFOs.  An Arpeggiator/sequencer and built-in chorus and delay effects are also included.


Roland Jupiter-6 on eBay

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Ensoniq Fizmo on eBay

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Native Instruments Gives Away Distortion/Filter Plug-in

Native Instruments has announced Driver, a plug-in the combines distortion, filtering, and audio modulation.  The plug-in will be free until December 31st, after which it will retail for $49.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

D16 Group Announces Winter Sale

Plug-in gurus D16 Group have announced their winter sale.  All items purchased through their online store are 30% off until January 15th.

Free Yamaha TX Bass Samples

Waveformless reader Joel sent these to me ages ago, but in all the hubbub of being on tour, I kept forgetting to upload them.  So, we'll put this into the "better late than never" category.  At any rate, here is a multisampled synth bass he made on his Yamaha TX81z and was kind enough to share.  Thanks, Joel!


Wave Alchemy Announces "Transistor Revolution" Kontakt Instrument

U.K. sample freaks Wave Alchemy have announced their newest product, "Transistor Rhythms", an instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt Player that aims to replicate the famous Roland TR-808 and 909 drum machines as closely as possible.  To do this, both machines were painstakingly sampled at multiple settings and mapped into Kontakt Player instruments that make use of Kontakt's scripting abilities and round-robin mapping to give the samples that more organic quality.  Above are some demos that make use of the instrument.  A free preview version is expected some time in the coming week or so.

Jen GS3000 Guitar Synth on eBay

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Roland SH-1 on eBay

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The New Stylophone is a Full Analog Monosynth

You may recall that the Stylophone name, ( the cool little toy synth made famous by Kraftwerk and... er... Rolf Harris... ) recently surfaced again with a cool stylophone beatbox.  Now manufacturer Dubreq brings things up another notch with the release of the Stylophone S2, which they describe as a "serious British-made analogue synth".  The synth has a suggested retail price of around $479 (yikes).

Here are the features:

  • All metal construction
  • Portable, only 308mm X 120mm X 26mm and less than 1kg
  • 37 note (3 octave) keyboard, with +/-2 octaves of OCTAVE shift
  • Monophonic keyboard works with wire-free stylus (included) or finger touch
  • All analogue signal path
  • Classic British 12dB/octave state-variable filter
  • Dual all-transistor voltage controlled oscillators.
  • Sub-oscillators for incredibly fat-bass
  • Aux. input (to use the filter and envelope generator as effects)
  • Eight waveform LFO (low frequency oscillator) with 14 octave range
  • 4x AA cell operation or external DC (mains adapter not included)
  • Main output: 1/4" jack-socket
  • Use internal speaker or headphone amplifier (3.5mm headphone jack)
  • CVI (Control Voltage Input) and Trigger via 3.5mm jack sockets
  • Unique illuminated speaker detail spins to show LFO speed
  • The Forgotten Sounds of Tech

    Stuff.TV has a cool article revisiting some sounds of technology that no longer inhabit (most of) our worlds.  It's amazing to look back and realized how much the world has changed in such a short time, one bit of technology at a time.  Anyway, thought you guys might get a kick out of it.

    Red Roland SH-101 on eBay

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    Tuesday, December 11, 2012

    My First Vinyl Release Is Out Today!

    Just a quick, crass plug... My project, Assemblage 23, has released its  first ever vinyl release on Metropolis Records.  The Vinyl Sessions includes re-recorded remixes of "Purgatory" and "Disappoint", as well as six additional tracks throughout the project's career given brand new mixes to bring the sound quality up to date.  Strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide.  You can pick up your copy directly from the Assemblage 23 Online Store, which includes free shipping until January 1st!

    Korg Polysix on eBay

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    Yamaha CS-80 on eBay

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    Monday, December 10, 2012

    Sonic State Reviews the Studiologic Sledge

    [via Sonic State]

    Get All Sinevibes Plug-ins for Only $99

    Sinevibes has announced a holiday special where you can get their entire plug-in collection for only $99.  The deal only lasts until January 10th.

    Industrial Ambience Recordings from Tim Prebble

    One of the blogs I really enjoy reading is Tim Prebble's "Music of Sound".  Tim is a New Zealand-based sound recordist who does a lot of work for film and subsequently goes on a lot of interesting trips to capture sounds.  He is currently in Japan and spent some time in one of the industrial areas in Osaka and made these awesome industrial ambience recordings I thought you might all enjoy.  Be sure to go to Tim's site to read the whole article and see the accompanying pictures!

    Cool Interview with Chris Carter

    Saw this one over on Synthtopia... It's an interview with Throbbing Gristle/Chris & Cosey brainchild Chris Carter discussing how he got involved in electronics and his love of modular synths.  It's from the eagerly anticipated documentary "I Dream of Wires" which looks at the resurgence of modular synths in the electronic music world.

    Roland SH-3A on eBay

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    Friday, December 7, 2012

    Free Sample Friday: Mopho Drift Bass

    Today's free sample set is a multi-sample of a sound I programmed on my new DSI Mopho keyboard.  It's a fat PWM bass sound sampled for a few octaves on F and C.  6 24-bit WAV files weighing in around 1.75 MB.


    Wednesday, December 5, 2012

    Free Gift for Owners of XLN Audio's Addictive Drums

    If you happen to be a registered owner of XLN Audio's excellent "Addictive Drums" plug-in, they have a little gift for you: a free copy of Peavey's Revalver HP SE guitar amp plug!  All you need to do is sign in to your user account and you'll find it waiting for you among your product downloads.