Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vintage Roland Vocoder on Ebay

A Roland SVC-350 11-band vocoder up for auction:

"The Roland Vocoder uses 10 filters for vowel sounds and there is also an extra filter with an extremely high slew rate allowing it to respond to the rapid transients of hard consonants, like the 'T' in the word-Today. This consonant filter is a feature not found even on higher priced vocoders. The Roland Vocoder allows for both balanced and unbalanced program inputs and outputs and contains a special guitar input that permits attenuation of the guitar harmonics. Another remarkable feature of the Roland Vocoder is a special Hold feature that locks on to the vowel sound quality so that one vowel sound does not have to be continually repeated while you play your instrument. With other features like the Ensemble effect, Headphone Output, as well as guitar amp and line outputs, the Roland Vocoder is truly the next step in musical instrument effects."

More info at the listing...

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