Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sonic Potions LXR: A DIY Drum Synth

Sonic Potions LXR Drumsynth from Sonic Potions on Vimeo.

Sonic Potions has announced their first product, a build-it-yourself drum synth called the LXR.  And it looks like a pretty cool one!  It is slated for release in just a few days on June 28th.  No pricing info is available yet.   Here are the features:

  • Cortex M4 based
  • 6 voices (VA and FM)
  • 7 sequencer tracks (extra open HH channel)
  • 44kHz / 16 bit audio
  • 4 mono outputs
  • 4 different instrument engines
  • 1/128 step pattern resolution
  • USB/Din Midi
  • different lengths for each track
  • 8 chainable patterns per preset
  • Step probability
  • SD-Card
  • Cowbells!
  • 39 buttons
  • 6 LFOs routable to every voice parameter
  • complete kit. comes with all needed parts for assembly
  • No SMD soldering required
  • open source
  • All! actions possible without stopping the sequencer playback

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