Thursday, June 14, 2012

Propellerheads Releases Reason 6.5, First Wave of Extensions in the Works

Propellerheads have released the hotly-anticipated version 6.5 of their music production software Reason.  Many Reason users had complained in the past about the program's lack of expandability, namely being stuck with the software's  somewhat lackluster built-in effects.  All that has changed with the introduction of "Rack Extensions" in version 6.5,  Rack Extensions are, quite simply, a Reason-specific plug-in format that will allow both Propellerheads and third party developers to build new effects to add to your Reason rack.

Developers are hard at work at adapting existing plug-ins to Reason format and developing entirely new Extensions.  Indeed, there are already quite a few available through the Propellerhead Shop:

• Propellerheads LGM-1 Pulsar Dual LFO
Free until October 1st!  Two LFOs that allow you to modulate your sounds in Reason with more flexibility than before.

• Softube Saturation Knob
Free until August 14th!  Simple saturation effect for fattening up drums, bass, etc.

• FXPansion Etch Red
Takes the filter technology developed for DCAM SynthSquad and brings it into the Reason environment.  $49.

• iZotope Ozone Maximizer
The highly regarded maximizer section from iZotope's Ozone mastering plug-in.  $79.

• Sonic Charge Bitspeek
Sonic Charge brings the sound of the infamous Speak n' Spell to Reason.  $49.

• Audio Damage Rough Rider
Audio Damage's excellent extreme compression plug-in in Reason format.  $29.

• Propellerheads Radical Piano
3 samples pianos with simple sound-shaping tools to tweak the sound to your taste.  $99.

• PEFF Buffre Beat Repeater
Realtime audio scrubbing effect that brings Ableton-style Beat Repeat effects to Reason for all the glitchy goodness you need.  $49.

• Propellerheads Polar
Old-school style harmonizer and pitch-shifter.  $69.

• Synapse Audio RM-1 Ring Modulator
Virtual analog style ring modulator effect. $79.

• Sugar Bytes Slice Arranger
Slices whatever audio you feed it into slices and re-arranges them for broken beat type effects. $29.

• Studio Effects FET Compressor
Modelled solid-state type compression effects.  20% off until August.  $119.

• Studio Effects TSAR-1 Reverb
Detailed, modern reverb effect.  25% off until August 14th.  $149

• Studio Effects TSAR-1R Reverb
Algorithmic style reverb effect.  35% off until August.  $49.

• Sugar Bytes  Filter Pattern
Animated filter effect for cool, rhythmic effects.  $29.

• Synapse Audio CD-2 Dual Chorus
Two-stage, stereo chorus effect. $39.

• Softube Trident A-Range
Models a channel from the extremely rare Trident A-Range consoles.  20% off until August 14th.  $119.

• Sugar Bytes Pitch Delay
Combines pitch-shifting, delay, and filtering. $29.

• Synapse Audio AF-4 Analog Filter
Analog style lowpass filter.  $49.

• Audio Realism ABL2 Bassline Synth
Audio Realism's fantastic model of the infamous Roland TB-303.  $59.


Darkmaer said...

Sadly I think they might have rushed and in the process dropped the ball though on this.

I'm personally going to buy some of props RE and some exclusive ones like Peff's buffre (which I bought last night actually).

For 3rd party companies, they are kind of getting the shaft. 3rd party companies are saying it was harder to port their vsts over to the RE format then initially stated. Props claimed it was because the SDK was alpha and beta versions and it should be a lot more easier now.
I've done quite a few beta testing and personally every company says that & once it's out of beta and it doesn't use all that extra code it will be a lot smoother, yet nothing is. Same as it was in beta.

Secondly, Props doesn't have any features in the prop RE store, there is just "buy" and "try" and a crappy star rating.

I'm sorry, but if your going to make a store exclusive I want to be able to read what people thought about it. Why they like it, what things they use the device on etc etc. But nothing. So I have to search all over the internet looking for a review. If there even is one.

Thirdly is the big one that might stop people (such as myself) buying the 3rd party REs. They also don't have any coupon code, or voucher system. This is a big deal because for people that already own the VST product, if they want it in Reason they got to pay full price (full price for a the RE anyway). Sonic Charge said they would def do it if the option was there, U-he had said that they understood this feature would be available and was basing their prices off that, now it looks like the cheap prices aren't going to be so cheap as they initially said.

I don't mind paying a little extra for some of the stuff, for example routing and the undo that they are making such a big deal about if I already have the VST version, but I feel it's crazy to have to dish out another $149 for the FET compressor for example.

You get AU and RTAS versions when you purchase a plugin. I think it should be no different then to get at least a discount on straight up ports.

It might get ironed out, but I don't know. Right now where I'm at musically I'm bouncing all around DAWs (studio one & Reason) depending on how I'm feeling. It shouldn't be pick this or pick that.

Mind you I'm referring to straight up ports like the FET. Even bitspeak is different from it's VST, though sonic charge did say they were going to update it so have some of the improvements of the RE version.

Lol, well that's my rant of a great idea that I hope they get ironed out, cause just the saturation knob is reason brings it to life and I really want to use reason more, but if I have to pick between VST and RE, I'm going to go with VST at least with effects, synths I might keep it in reason.

Darkmaer said...

Oh yeah, I also forgot, to try out any of the RE, you have to log on to verify your account. It won't work with the ignition key. So basically professional studios that don't have their studio rig hooked to the net, are kind of screwed.