Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard on Ebay

These are starting to pop up on eBay and various retailers. I kinda want one. Any Mopho owners out there? What are your thoughts?

Info at the link...


Anonymous said...

I'll take "What are your thoughts?" for 2 cents Tom.

I don't have a MoPho, but I've used a demo. It encouraged me to buy a Prophet '08 keyboard, which has proved it self beyond my current capacity to program properly. It is more machine than I need and not nearly exciting in color. Since the Mopho is 1/8th of the Prophet, I can say you may like it.


You have a Pro One, which is in many ways very similar to the Mopho. 2 oscillators, LFO, 4 pole filter etc. You would gain a 2 pole, 4 pole switch on the filter, the ability to do computer editing/library (extra $40), etc. I'm sure you know the details.

I do not feel that the DCO's in Dave's new synths have the liveliness of the VCO's from the Pro One era, but at least they stay in tune.

DSI builds some great sounding machines, but they cut corners a bit on construction. Not in a bad way, but its noticeable. I felt like I got what I paid for. No more or less.

If you need another keyboard I would say go for it, but wait for the second hand market to pickup. If you don't need the extra keys, get the Mopho/Tetra module. That would save space at home and on stage.

I'm also open to selling the Prophet if you are interested. I could use the money to finish the modular I'm building. ;-)

Good luck on rest of your tour.


krell said...

Yeah I'm also looking at getting one of these, my thinking is to add some analog goodness to an otherwise all softsynth setup... and at US$799 it's hard to go past it...

Anonymous said...

If you like the mohpo sound then this will probably be the mopho to get. I nevr liked the sound from my mormal mopho so I sold it and got a small modular instead.
Patch memories are overrated ;-)

Jack Astro said...

I have two Evolvers that I love to pieces!! I got a MoPho. I don't like it much -- it's a bit vanilla. YMMV

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