Thursday, June 10, 2010

Unreleased 1982 7-Up Jingle by Gary Numan

via aliveinsound on YouTube:

My friend Andreas posted this on his facebook yesterday and I thought my readers would get a kick out of it.  Here are the details according to the person who posted it:

 "In 1982, American-based 7-UP got in touch with a UK agency to get a 30 second tune made by someone who was "happening" at the time to advertise their drink. So the agency contacted Gary and offered a £10,000 deal so he recorded 3 pieces of music with lyrics supplied by them. When the recordings were sent to the Americans they had not heard any music like this, and they were expecting something in a punk style as that had just arrived over there so these recordings were never used."

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fractured said...

Another artist I REALLY like! It's a shame it never aired because I think it would have been a fun pairing. Gary Numan playing the 7-Up tour...