Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pink Floyd Talks About Recording "Money"

Awhile back, I posted a clip from the Classic Albums series in
which Pink Floyd discussed the synth part from "On the Run".
Here is another clip from the same series in which they discuss
recording "Money", including how the sound effects loop that starts
the song was created. Even if you're not into Pink Floyd, it's worth
watching just to see the deconstruction of the mix, as there is a lot
of valuable info on how they did things. Plus, Alan Parsons's
pirate shirt is pretty boss.


Craig M. said...

Roger Waters' closing comments are the best.

The editing of this piece is insanely cool.

dave romero said...

also interesting/funny, david gilmour's comment about not having to play his solo in 7/4 (the song goes into 4/4 for that)

I wouldn't have wanted to either. HA!

line of control said...

wow. i could watch these making of documentaries all day long. just incredibly insightful. love the Dark Side of the Moon.

and doesn't Gilmour look like the coolest grandad in the world with his little spectacles?