Monday, June 8, 2009

Keyboard Magazine Soundpages

Believe it or not, there actually was a time when Keyboard Magazine was worth reading. They covered artists in a wide variety of scenes and styles and had some genuinely interesting articles and reviews. Lately, it seems mainly like a graveyard for prog-rockers and paid-by-the-note solo wankery.

But back in the day, they actually used to distribute the magazine with flexi-discs (which they called Soundpages), featuring music by the artists featured in that issue, and occasionally, demos of new gear. Now don't get me wrong... there is plenty of wankery here, but I find it really interesting in a nostalgic way. Someone has taken the time to digitize these and post them to the web. I have a feeling these might end up being taken down, but I hope I'm wrong. It's not like Keyboard is ever going to offer these for sale, so why not share them?

PART 1 consists of:

"00:00 - Soundpage 12, 09/85: Jan Hammer: Airport Swap, Golden Triangle

05:58 - Soundpage 13, 10/85: Chick Corea: Marimbala, Ginkakuji
11:48 - Soundpage 15, 12/85: Dave Stewart: Henry and James
15:58 - Soundpage 16, 01/86: Alan Howarth: Songs from the Inner Ear
18:31 - Soundpage 16, 01/86: Herbie Hancock: Erik's Brick Wall
20:36 - Soundpage 18, 03/86: Jean-Michel Jarre: Moon Machine
23:35 - Soundpage 20, 05/86: Ralph Grierson: Sometimes...Not Always
28:34 - Soundpage 21, 06/86: Porcaro and Bhatia: The Manor March
30:36 - Soundpage 22, 07/86: Lyle Mays: Varying Lengths
33:47 - Soundpage 23, 08/86: Larry Fast: Main Theme from Metropolitan Suite
37:56 - Soundpage 23, 09/86: Igor Kipnis: Harpsichord Favorites
- 1. A Gigge: Doctor Bulls my Selfe / John Bull
- 2. Les Baricades Misterieuses / Francois Couperin
- 3. 3 Arias / Bernardo Pasquini "


Anu said...

Just yesterday I was looking at my Keyboard flexi-disc of Jean-Michel Jarre's "Moon Machine" and wondering if someone had digitized it yet...

gammagoblin said...

Awesome version of Ginkakuji by Corea! Oh and I love the subscript on the soundpage image: "Should Soundpage get bent, gently fold back and play" :)

Unknown said...

Hi, I am so sorry to have missed this!! Looking for the flexidisc with the Jan Hammer tunes for some times, any chance somebody can re-up this please or contact me by email?

seangodschild said...
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seangodschild said...

I have an mp3 file in my iTunes, from a cassette recording I had made YEARS ago of one of the KEYBOARD magazine soundpages I had really loved. The problem is, I can't remember the artist or the track name! I've been searching around on the net, to see if I could locate a match (to have it in better quality, and possibly find more of the artist's stuff), but to no avail. I think that if I were able to upload it to some page, maybe someone could identify it for me, and point me in the right direction...????

Corsair said...

I was first introduced to the music of synthesizer pioneer Larry Fast while I was in high school with this very soundpage. The song, Main Theme from Metropolitan suite, made a huge impression on me and the album, Metropolitan Suite, was a heavy influence in my taste in music for a very long time afterward. Metropolitan suite is still one of my very favorite albums.

If you ever get a chance to listen to Metropolitan Suite in its entirety, I think you'll be suitably impressed.

Larry said...

At last! Now if only I can find Guy Babylon's "Babylon Bleu" and Michael Boddicker's "Magic Egg" suite, I could die happy!

Synthcopation said...

From the fourth part:
"28:31 - Soundpage 51, 12/88: John Tesh: In The Hunt, The Match"


Wankery is right!
Only thing worse than Yanni is a Yanni wannabe. :o) said...

Well, I don't actually think this is likely to have effect.

Rolndusr said...

Contact me if you're looking for The Magic Egg sound page. I may be able to help.

Unknown said...

What about that jazz track that started " Quatro, Quatro, Quatro... What was that?